Viola Bailie Day - April 1st
 Viola Bailie Day

April 1, 2015

Good morning, everyone. It’s great to see so many people here to honor our good friend/ volunteer. Even though we are of many different ages and have all kinds of jobs and interest, there is one thing for certain that we all have one thing in common; our admiration of a woman who never quits until the job is done.  That woman is Viola Bailie.  As you know, VI and her husband Loy began volunteering at the Licking Bridge Builders after retiring from Fort Leonard Wood in 1985.  VI has held many different offices here at the Bridge Builders.  She has continued to support the Bridge Builders and all ways. In fact, she’s helped many of you in this room getting to know the ins and outs of everyday activities here. Vi can tell you some of the people who has walked through the doors some 30 years ago. We all know something else about VI, she doesn’t just look around and see things that need attention, and she takes action. VI will be the person who does something.

On our headstones will be the etching of when we were born and the date when we die. For example, 1900 dash 2015

What matters to me are not the two years mentioned.  It is the dash. That little dash. That’s our life. That represents to me the short time we have, here, to make a difference, or not. And making a difference mean so many different things to so many people. But for you, the volunteer, what you do during that dash is most significant.

You can give me money for a cause. But I may pay that back to you. Say you give a dollar a month. It is appreciated without a doubt. It is your dollar. However you may pick it up elsewhere. Maybe by something extra you do or some other way of earning that buck.

But how do we give back time? As a volunteer you give time. Time. The most precious resource in our lives.  So look at the dash. How many hours are in there? It’s not billions. It’s not infinite. Money can be printed. Time cannot. Once you give an hour of your time it is lost forever. That hour you just gave volunteering will never be replicated. Your time volunteering must be valued but we can never put a value on that time.

How can you value something that is priceless?

As a volunteer you bring a lot to this organization. Skills, advice, experience, friendship, vision, leadership and inspiration.

That you bring. But time you give. In our time poor world you bear the gift of time. You choose to donate the most precious commodity in the known universe. We may count your time in numbers. We may attempt to count your time in cash value.

Although such methods have their reasons we will all be poorer if we don’t realize that the giving of your time is simply and utterly magnificent.

Even after your gone, we will honor you on this day April 1st, from here on out, and consider it Vi Bailie day. So Viola Bailie, on behalf of everyone here, I would like to say thank you for being a woman of action and not just words.

And for going Above and Beyond, for 30 years here at the Licking Bridge Builders. 

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